Sadie picking peaches

The peak of summer has arrived. Flowering things will soon begin to wane, the insect music is reaching its height, and the peaches are ripening with a flourish. This is when it’s best to plant or transplant perennials, giving them time to establish roots and take cover for the winter.  It’s also a good time to plan for next year and to capture on paper or film the whole layout  at its height of lushness.

So dig I must. Besides being excellent exercise, it’s a most satisfying endeavor, mostly because it’s so tough in this rocky, heavily rooted  landscape. And when rocks can actually be moved without a crowbar and roots can be cut without a chain saw, well,  then it’s manageable, never easy but doable. But you have to be tough and determined, both of which I am.

Today, more pine bark mulch for the Azalea and Rhododendrons now that the rain is letting up and moving on. A good soaking over the past three days was what the garden needed and what I needed to provide a little contrast.  Not being able to go out to dig makes me want it all the more. Brightening skies today and sun for the next few days, they say. Amazing what a little rain will do to throw some contrast into the mix.  This is just what I need– a garden fix.

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