Resident owl

Our owl has moved in. Last evening he was perched on a Crab Apple branch not 3 ft. from our living room window, and later he was standing in the birdbath not 4 ft. from our dining room patio door. When the three of us traipsed out to go for a walk, he never budged. This morning I spotted him drinking from the birdbath in broad daylight.

The Water Lettuce in the little pond was disturbed and one Lettuce plant was lying upside down on the brickwork. I’m afraid he has spotted the fish, however it may be the frogs that he’s after. I don’t know that he would dunk his head that far into the water to go fishing.

This is an owl that barks and may be the one that used to entertain Kelsi,


Barred owl in bird bath

who loved to run out and bark back. Long conversations would ensue, and always at night. Owls can apparently live 10 to 20 years or more.

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