Berkshire Botanical Gardens


Walking the Berkshire Botanical Gardens in the heat yesterday with adult companionship and little family members measured up to be much more relaxing than I’d imagined.  We took it verrryyyy slowly, enjoying each and every garden display along the way. The many that we had to skip–the ones a bit off the garden path so to speak–are ones we will have to return to another day. Each phase of summer is evocative of different themes and colors, but August is well-represented by the intensely vivid perennial colors, mixed with annual varieties of every shape, color and height, ranging from bold to simple, unassuming ground cover. Exotic and tropical species are also well-represented here, and are mixed in (usually in pots) in surprising ways.  A simple veggie garden in small, square garden boxes is attractively laid out, and there is a children’s garden replete with doll house and miniature patio furniture. Tiny little flower pots adorn the entrance of the doll house. Here we spent a good part of an hour.

Each area is represented by various cottages or shed type structures– one in particular is a studio open on one side to display the elegant furnishings and mirrors throughout, reflecting the decorations redolent of gardening themes and books. Another cottage is surrounded by groupings of plants specifically designed to reflect an eclectic, summery and wildly colorful theme created by the Martha Stewart  team.

To say that 3 great huge pots of succulents captured my attention over everything else puts it mildly. Here, there are every conceivable shape and arrangement of garden design and I choose to be madly attracted to three terra cotta pots of varying sizes filled with a medley of cactus and echeveria.  What I must return for are a series  of pictures of these to study. This could be a project over the next few years, carefully started in one pot outside and moved indoors each year. I even have a starter pot to begin.

I have been visited by the succulent bug. This is a bite I can nurture.


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