I love my blog



It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting here thinking about how much I love my blog. What a terrific outlet it’s been for my thoughts and a way for me to figure things out and achieve some sort of clarity. So much of my thinking would dissolve into thin air and be lost forever, and that would be very sad for me.

I don’t keep a diary even though I’ve tried unsuccessfully to do so, because I can’t write fast enough to get down what I’m thinking about and not lose my train of thought. Much of what I write are long lists of notes that fill books but never amount to any clear thought. And I keep records of miles walked and laps swum and other meaningless trivia, but quickly lose interest and never look back.

I knew that I had questions I wanted to ask and answer and thought a blog would do just that. I want to thank Emily for getting me started. I would never have done this without her ideas and her help. I know she doesn’t listen and doesn’t hear me but, Thank you, Emily!


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