Bear drop-ins

Anemones opening

A good thing is hard to pass up and the bear seems to know a good thing when he happens upon it. Two visits yesterday and one this morning, all in broad daylight while we weren’t looking. Suppertime snack while we were out walking Tanner, and breakfast while I was showering. How lucky can one bear get. This morning he was pushing his luck at 7am, standing in the middle of the deck, looking around!

All manner of wild things are now feeding on piles of bird seed set along the deck railing, including chip monks and an occasional squirrel. Flocks of Cardinals and their young, Gold and Purple Finches, Chickadees and Nuthatches galore. Even the Woodpeckers are cheerfully indulging. Funny though to watch them land on the hanger first and slide down the length of it to the seed, looking a bit confused.

Cat birds are everywhere, too, this summer, and their babies, as the parents sit in the branches above the garden whining at me while I’m weeding. They are bird bath fanciers as well, enjoying group splashes. A spectacular year for birds and bugs and Butterflies and without a doubt………..Bears


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