Bear visit

Hydrangeas in the front garden

Early yesterday morning, just after the bird feeder was returned to its hanger on the deck, a bear lumbered up out of the woods and around a huge Hemlock tree for a visit to our deck and a little breakfast. In the past we’ve had crushed feeder parts strewn over the the back yard, whole feeders that disappear entirely, and one year we woke to find our old Apple tree flattened on the ground, the root ball entirely exposed and the feeder lying smashed underneath.

Most feeders will not stand up to a bear, but this one does. A month ago he visited and left the feeder empty in the middle of the grass just below the deck. We just filled it up and put it back, no damage done, and the birds who were everywhere waiting, gloried in its return. This is an inner wire tube surrounded by a heavier wire tube for squirrel protection that works. It’s less expensive than most feeders and looks less sturdy as well, but appearances are deceiving. Beginning in early spring we bring it in at dusk, after the Cardinals disappear, and put it out in the morning.

A bit of clapping and yelling and stamping scared this bear away, which has always been the case in the past, if you can catch them in the act. The funny part is the look of disappointment on their faces when they turn to leave and lumber off into the woods. They will sometimes even turn at a distance and make complaining grunts, like a disgruntled child who hasn’t gotten his way and has to have the last word as he stomps off.  Even funnier was Tanner’s delayed reaction. He jumped out of bed, ran to the window, barked once and returned to bed. So much for a bear visit–just taking it all in stride.


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