Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Through the eighties, while working as an Obstetrical nurse and completing an English degree at U. Mass, gardens were a thing I gazed at only longingly in magazines. Amid a Pine and Hemlock  forrest we could barely grow a Hosta, and even these looked measly and pathetic. Some Pachysandra grew around the house and a patch of wild Day Lilies gathered out back.  These were the years we began vacationing on Nantucket, and I began wishing for much, much more.

These were the days of Perseid Meteor showers and gloriously blooming Rose of Sharon. We stayed a mile’s walk outside of town and walked in 2 or 3 times a day to eat and or shop and attend the local playhouse, leaving our bike rides for longer excursions to the beaches and sightseeing. Along the route were rows and rows of mature Rose of Sharon the size of trees, ladened with August flowers of every shade imaginable. I especially loved the pale blues and bleached reds, some singles and others doubles which are smaller and ruffled. The  flowers tend to open in very intense shades and soften as they age, lending them a faded appearance. Even as they wither they are alluring.  Every August  I looked forward to these and to lying in the darkness on the grassy front lawn at the Westmoor Inn where we stayed to view the Perseid meteor showers. The flowers and the bright streaks are evocative of a kind of longing I felt then to experience things more intensely and to use memory as a way of having those things I missed most. All things then became for me about holding on to what I yearned for most intensely and this I learned to do.

The Rose of Sharons I could and did have over the years, one in particular that grew to be magnificent and is long since gone, and others that are younger and still provide glorious blooms for well over a month. Also the Dalmatian that I fell in love with there that spurred me over a two year period to find a puppy back in 1989, and led me on to true devotion. I believe this time also pushed me forward in my pursuit of an MFA degree, which lured me away from the exhausting work at The Birthing Center, and filled my life with teaching for many years to come.

This is just a simple place, but its allure is provocative in so many ways. A place that sparked so much discovery in me, and drew me far, far away to a place in myself that I just had to visit.


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