Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest VA reunion


Back from our travels and visits in the Baltimore area and the rescue reunion, where Tanner ran free with about 40 other rescue Dals. He seemed to have withdrawn and operated independently throughout the very hot afternoon, running or wandering around the perimeter of the fenced in area, socializing very little, except when treats were being distributed, which is when he chose to join right into the circle of begging dogs and find his way to the source! Toward the end of the afternoon, he found the exit and sat there patiently waiting for someone to release him to his favorite place–his car!!! All in all very stressful. Fortunately he enjoyed the motel room and was happy to chew on a bone  while we ventured out for meals and visits and into Baltimore to the Aquarium.  Late night walks were terrific and produced happy tail-wagging along an extended stretch of sidewalk in a quiet  residential area.

Heavy rain greeted us as we approached the Berkshires, followed by clearing and a chance for another long walk. The Rose-of Sharon is blooming early and the Nasturtium is taking over. Yum!!  A volunteer Tomato plant sprang up behind the lettuces and is filled with green cherry sized fruit–what a surprise!!  Thinking about putting in more pale lavender and white flower mixes at the pond ‘s edge where various shades of green have taken over. There are large pots of many varieties available now at half-price–too appealing to pass up. Feels like another phase of summer is upon us–bursting with fresh cucumbers,  a waxing gibbous moon and a string of shimmering planets.


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