Fireworks all around

A surprise Hollyhock

Spectacular 4th of July weekend makes me nostalgic for the kayak and the swim and the Stockbridge Bowl where the James Taylor/Carole King concert at Tanglewood wafted over the water just before the Fireworks, where enormous crowds flock each summer, and where it’s worth floating in the midst of it all for a few hours just for the moody excitement of it all.

It is easy to forget how easy the kayak is to load onto the roof rack and then slide into the water on a scrumptiously hot summer day, especially in a lake where the swimming is also terrific and there is a sandy beach with pails and shovels.  This summer season is already off to a great beginning, and with so much to look forward to in the way of late afternoon sojourns on the lake.  Another single purple kayak would be perfect,  and I’ve begun searching for just the right one at just the right price.

When I think of summer, I think of romantic, and in my mind’s-eye  that’s the beach or the slightly warm water with even warmer currents and sand and shells, and a long luxurious swim,  and warm breezy evenings sitting outside with candlelight or a bon fire, but most of all, spectacular, amazing sky-filling fireworks sprouting like enormous sparkling umbrellas.


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