Humming with heat

Astilbe--a plant we received in honor of Clancy

A little box of roots and bulbs arrived on the front deck from a friend back in May as a memorial to Fargo. The first Dahlia bloomed today, a bight yellow flower with a reddish center. With very little strong sun here, flower species requiring full sun do not thrive but grow leggy  and much taller than they should. There won’t be as many blooms either, but these are mixed in with red and golden Day Lilies and low growing Sweet woodruff, spring Anemones and Lamb’s Ear. Just a reminder of my boy….and the ways to be grateful that I can move on.

100 degrees yesterday and should be even hotter today. The portable air-conditioners are humming away and creating a din in the air but thankfully some cooler air to circulate with ceiling fans and carefully placed rotating fans. Watering has become an issue as the grass is turning a sickly color of dead, and everything is wilting.

After  continuous watering (and thinking about buying another rotating sprinkler) and some indoor chores, there is little else to be done except to go for a swim in the lake and wait ’til dusk for a candlelight supper alfresco and a long walk into the darkening night.


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