Quick Fire Hydrangea

There is one narrow lane in Nantucket town that puts me in mind of some of the most gorgeous Hydrangeas ever.  This short hidden side street lies between two of the more major byways that lead into  Main Street,  and has to be one of the most romantic places ever. Ever so narrow–1 1/2 lanes with a sidewalk– there are small cottages lining the way, with scrumptious gardens and picket fences. One place seems to have two cottages joined by a garden and sitting areas, hidden into little alcoves. Everything looks miniature, but land, the closer to town it is, is at a premium here.

The Hydrangeas are outrageously beautiful bleached looking colors–the multi-reds in particular which fade to washed out hues of pink and green and grayed blue –the varieties perhaps grown for the milder, seaside climates influenced by the Gulf Stream, and planted in groupings all of about the same height. I see these varieties listed in the White Flower Farm catalogue and others,   and in summer magazines. I am reminded of these when the Quick Fire and Endless Summer bloom here, and one Lacy Leaf that my mother grew on the cape that has been transplanted by family as far away as Chicago.

Perhaps it’s the sea air that I love even more, or the magical element in the air that wakes me up to all of life’s little pleasures. Whatever it is it makes everything tastier, sweeter,  more refreshing, more pungent,  and superimposes the soft haze  of the sea over almost everything.

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