Ahhh–Breathe in


What air today!! Unbelievable. And it was supposed to be so hot. Nothing like a day working in the garden with Tanner lying close by in the shade. My sweetest boy and my best company–never a complaint. Took care of lots of pruning and deadheading as well as weeding and watering. The Borage is flowering and finally the Nasturtium seedlings I put in it feels like ages ago. These make great salad trimmings and are delicate and beautiful– and tasty to boot. The new bird bath is in place and filled with water. Thinking of what to put in it to dress it up besides shells and contrasting stones.

My little stovetop Bialetti Cappuccino maker even produced perfect foam this afternoon, which is unusual. It sometimes works perfectly and sometimes not, and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do. Others seem to find the same idiosyncrasies with their pots. I spent quite a while one day trying to problem solve the strange leaking issues I was having and came upon a website devoted entirely to other people’s comments and solutions–and voila, I was not tightening the fitting properly. That solved that problem, but the foaming issue is one that just seems  a huge mystery. The manufacturer even mentions that the pot improves with age—Huh? I guess there is a bit of magic involved here as well. The pot is designed to look like a cow with black spots on a white background so how could I resist!

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