Our amazing Woodpecker

A good reason for evening walks is the spectacular display of fireflies this summer, especially in the lightly wooded circular area at the end of our hill, where dozens of different varieties of Daffodils bloom in the spring. They seem to congregate there by the hordes, perhaps because the tall grasses are sweet and the boulders are plentiful, and perfect for hovering over. Thinking about Fireflies makes me wonder what attracts them and how the tiny luminescent green bulb works to produce the flickering light. During the late afternoon they seem to gather on the multitude of Milkweed out in front along the street that are now thick with sweet rounded blooms. (This is also where the Monarch Caterpillar munches on the Milkweed leaves producing a larva that morphs into a cocoon and eventually into a Monarch butterfly–another fascinating story!)  They are also busy blinking just outside our bedroom window which provides us a panoramic view of the little deck and grassy area beyond. In this case they seem to want to come into the light much like a moth. This is a rare and fleeting phenomena and makes me think to pay attention to all that is at the very edge of my consciousness.

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