It’s a jungle out there


Water Lily

Out wrestling with the vines this morning. It may take weeks to get to the bottom of them. They’re lush and intertwined around the wild Honey Suckle and Roses. Also climbing into all of the nearby trees. It may take a chain saw to cut the vines at their base, but oh such a lot of work! A little dab ‘ll do ya is my motto–a bit of hacking every day.


Finally have presentable weather and a half-moon for our late night walks–my favorite. The moon will light up a path for the next week, and what’s amazing is how it does just that. The  west facing end of the street ends in a cul-de-sac and the moon lights the way with a long silvery path of light, just as it does at the beach when it makes such a path over the water. This is a phenomena I don’t think I understand. Will have to research this.

The first Water Lily opened in the pond.  Too exquisite for words, it looks like plastic. And the baby birds in the wren house directly over the pond look like they’re almost ready to fly the coop. I can see them through binoculars poking their heads out of the entryway and looking around. Wish I could see them leave but I doubt whether I’ll be that lucky. The pleasure of the birdhouse I think is in the birdhouse itself, and the weeks of watchful anticipation.




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