Little pond

Watching a slew of young Cardinals at the feeder today. They have adapted to the hanging feeder,  albeit clumsily, where the seed is much more readily available than on the ground. This particular feeder really does hold the seed well. Yesterday, the surplus Impatiens went into pots and make a pretty display on the table beneath the umbrella. I always try not to buy too many but the vivid colors are so hard to resist. This year though I controlled myself a little better but watched as a couple, wowed by the choice of colors, dug their way through the process. Funny to watch, as I smugly picked up a hot pink and a purple-pink and didn’t look back. No confusion here.


We have a new season upon us. It must be called “Splusher.”   It hasn’t stopped raining for days, or so it feels, and it’s cool and oppressively humid at the same time. Down right depressing given the lush weeds and drowning blossoms. Even the Roses are hanging heavily from the vine. And the fish are wetter than ever and swimming happily in the little pond.


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