Grassy pond plants and baby birds



Peony blossom

The activity in the bird house is crazy today. The light rain and cool temperatures must activate a sudden surge of hunger driven energy in the parent Chickadees, and an instinctive urge to keep their nest warm and dry. I can’t see any beaks sticking up, but the house has a deep cavity and a very small wren sized entrance, so until the little ones fly off I probably won’t see them, just their constant food frenzy.


Another trip to Wards today to pick out more pond plants.  The grasses are best with the wispy flowery tops but had to settle for shorter more feathery varieties. One plant has a bamboo stripe along the thick frond but the plants don’t look as healthy as they should and there are not many new stalky sprouts. At least, the Water Lilies and Water Lotus in the larger pond are miraculously thriving and should soon begin to bloom.

The Peonies are now just opening and becoming ladened down with the heavy downpours, so I will cut most of them over the next week and enjoy them inside. The scent surprises me every time I walk by the kitchen table. Rain and cold make me want to garden shop and  today was just the perfect day to check out the new greenhouse and indoor plants. I stopped myself from buying more cactus, but will wait until I can spend my Laurel loot. Instead I picked up a large bucket of Bloom booster, and tried to find a “Snow in Summer”–a perennial that blooms in May and June and has pretty white flowers mounding over lovely pale frond-like leaves, but to no avail. I’ll look at Windy Hill Farm when I have a chance as they often have popular varieties that Ward’s runs out of. It’s always nice to look forward to and anticipate something I’ve given some thought to, rather than to buy impulsively.

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