Tanner antics


Black and white Poppy

Guess I can’t take my eyes off of Tanner, although I suspected as much and have always put him in his crate when he isn’t going out with me. Yesterday it was a jar of peanut butter that he picked from the counter and carried into the dining room. When I noticed that he was missing [lots of confusion with Sadie and Sam and Oliver] he was holding it in both paws and  had most of his nose in the jar Winnie the Pooh style. Fortunately peanut butter is hard to remove from a jar with your tongue so he  couldn’t have had much, but oh what a look of disappointment crossed his face when I caught him and took it away. This morning he took a basket of potpourri from a book shelf and dispersed it all over the living room while  my back was turned. Hope this is harmless. It’s been around for years and hasn’t lost its light spicy scent, but I don’t think he ate any, just likes to pick things up and move them around. Every day he becomes more and more comfortable here and more daring. Always thinking and planning. Always poised for the next opportunity. A very naughty dog but oh how we love him!


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