Rose Hips

After a few very humid days and the incredible downpours yesterday, we have temperatures in the 50’s early this morning and cool, sparkling air. The soaking rains were a relief from the heat and extreme dryness of the past few weeks, and should take care of the watering for a while. The Maple squiggles and Pine needles are falling gracefully and endlessly though, and to add insult to injury, more pine cones have fallen too.


Tanner had his first visit to Bow Wow Meow for a bath and nail trimming. He was greeted by a large group of dogs at the door, and seemed to be back in his element, happy to be a part of the pack, ranging from the tiniest Yorkie called Geogia, a number of Aussies , a small poodle, a small white terrier, and sundry other creatures. After he was clean and partially dry he disappeared with the others, exploring all the nooks and crannies, and staying well out of sight.  He was so at home there that had I left him I don’t think he would have minded. Later this afternoon, we took a walk with his little friend, Morgan, a wire-hair Dachshund, and we practiced “walking” veerrry slowly, not his strong suit! But oh so shiny and clean, and as Sadie intones very sweetly, “Tanner is a good boy!”


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