Arbor Roses



Arbor Roses

A beautiful morning and lots of  ideas in the works. The breeze is what I love most in this kind of weather, just light enough to move the wind chimes and gentle enough to make me aware of that sensation of moving air. Makes me think of Nantucket and waking up in the morning next to a window. Sublime.


The Arbor Roses are a riot of blooms, more abundant than I could have ever imagined. This is a climbing rose that I must have put in 3 or 4 years ago, and with very little hope that it would even survive.  They’re what I would call traditional red climbing roses, not particularly unique but perfect for the height and open latticework of the arbor that my dad designed for me when he was well into his eighties.  Along with the roses are climbing Honey Suckle and climbing Hydrangea, both of which are also fully mature. Next to the arbor is a Lacy Leaf Hydrangea from the cape house that was my mother’s favorite.

For years, before the arbor, there was a Carefree Beauty in this small garden that filled out and thrived each summer season. My favorite old-fashioned style rose. These are various shades of pink with very simple petals formed around a golden center and make me think of the roses found along Cape Cod roadsides and near beaches. And oh so fragrant!! I miss this but the landscape has changed and the Hydrangea planted next to the arbor has exploded in size, leaving little or no space for anything else. The small Blueberry plants are even overwhelmed. Things look so different as the summer takes over. I spend so much of the spring hoping that everything thrives, and then the summer wondering whether to prune things back, or even extend garden spaces to accommodate all that has fulfilled my hopes.


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