Sea Anemones and silly Dalmatians

Spring Anemone

I have wondered over the past 3 weeks where Tanner learned all of his tricks, and who taught them to him. We know he got up on his hind legs and pushed the light lawn mower across the stage in front of Cruella’s house for the musical, but he is amazingly talented at lifting things up between his teeth and carrying them around. The shopping bag of books I just walked into the room with was an instant hit as he hurried over to remove the books one by one. He does so with great purpose as if it’s his job. Everything with Tanner seems to have a purpose–you can just see the intent in his eyes. I guess it’s true when they say that dogs are meant to have jobs, and it’s when they don’t that they get bored and into trouble.

Equally entertaining, as Roger tells it, is the way he seems to need to rest in the middle of his long walks and will just stop and lie down in the shade, resting his head, or rolling on his back in the cool grass for a couple of sighs.  Or yesterday when he stopped off on the roadside  to dig a hole and then lay down and put his head into it for a short siesta. How silly is this dog!

Because I had Tanner along and it’s cooler today and finally did shower, I stopped at Ward’s on the way home for a few pond plants and a bag of potting soil. There I met a woman who looked and dressed like a gardener with the back of her wagon filled to the brim with plants she must have been buying for clients. Local gardeners tend to dress pretty much alike, wearing boots or heavy rubber clogs, long pants and utilitarian colors, hair tied neatly up and out of the way. I like to watch them picking things out and making decisions on what must be their carefully laid out plans. Sometimes they have long lists and are checking things off. They always buy in groups. And they always buy perennials. This woman was especially friendly and more than willing to help me with my question, though it must have seemed silly to her. I’ve been lusting after a plant I’ve seen planted around a neighbors mailbox, along with some irises [a lovely combo by the way] that is blooming profusely right now with the prettiest little white flowers with pale yellow centers and whose leaves look much like Anemones. My Anemones though are tall and don’t bloom until July or August which I find confusing. She was able to clarify right away that these are Anemones but of the spring variety, smaller and with different origins. She was also able to point to the shaded table where they were on display. Voila! It’s doesn’t take much to please me these days. The smallest pleasure will do it. And this for me, along with Tanner’s goofiness, filled the bill.

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