The sounds of spring



Just when everything in the gardens seems to be done for spring, the real work begins! The cucumber plants are sitting on the middle of the garden box as yet unplanted and drying out, and weeds are sneaking up through the mulch. The forget-me-nots are beginning to die back and present as ugly a picture as they do a pretty one while blooming. These have taken over everywhere, into every garden space and even along the driveway where there used to be wild flowers and an old veggie garden, where I allow them to bloom and then pull them out. They have taken over my little front garden and have begun to shade the Nasturtium and Borage seedlings as well as the Blue Geraniums. With them gone and the Irises quickly

dying back, the garden will have a whole new look. The Poppies in the front garden are beginning to open and the Peonies along the edge of the driveway are fat buds just beginning to burst, marking the first days of summer. Spring was early this year and infinitely lovely. It seemed to linger on and on, and so had me in its grips.  The sounds are the best.  The birds coming to life and the peepers forming choruses everywhere. With all of the streams and numerous aquifers running constantly underground, there can be a steady background of gurgling and whooshing.  On our walks up the hill the underground springs can be heard rushing right along the roadside, especially in late winter and early spring. With the sounds of running water, of peepers,  and the rustle and chirping of Gold Finches in the brush, come the sweetest months of the year.


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