Thinking today of all that should get done here over the long weekend. So much pleasure in the little things–clean windows and indoor plants finally outside for some fresh air. There are the most incredibly beautiful Petunias that I picked up at the co-op, sitting on the front deck waiting to be planted in the kitchen window box–the softest colors that I’ve never seen before–multi-pinks with touches of the palest yellow fading into pale peaches. Found some pretty ivy-like and licorace companion plants for these and for the geraniums going into the upstairs window box. And couldn’t resist the New Guinea Impatiens for the table–too pretty for words.

First bath for Tanner today and 4 nails with the grinder while feeding. A beautiful coat and barely any shedding. Where did this dog come from, and how lucky can we get? He ignores the visiting cat, too!! Still working on the fence much of which is hidden by undergrowth or overgrowth. In 16 years the growth is amazing, changing the entire make-up of the property. There are places where we cannot even see the flags[all new]. Of course Tanner won’t be able to run through these areas either, but not being able to complete the boundary circle has to be confusing to the dog.  We could have someone come in and clean up the woods and these thickets of growth but it would take time and be costly. Should think about doing this though. Maybe will call Bing, an extended family, who has done some pruning for us. So much to think about.

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