Thunder storms last night kept me awake–with lots of crazy lightning. Tanner ended up on the floor in the corner behind Roger’s night table–poor boy. At least it rained, though, saving me hours of setting up sprinklers. And as a bonus, it’s cooler. There are tiny flower buds on all the Hydrangea, even the ones I moved, thinking they would bloom or die. Big surprise. They aren’t like any varieties I’ve ever seen and have been around for years, but I have no memory of when they last bloomed–so the flowers should tell all. The Poppies are just beginning to open as well, and as ephemeral as they are , they’re worth it. I love them. Long ago, I picked up a plant at the high school greenhouse that had white flowers with black centers–how apropos these–great companions to the deep red ones blooming alongside them. Let’s see how long the petals will stay on the blossoms, or if I’m just dreaming them up.

A package arrived this morning as Tanner and I were leaving to deliver MOWs,  and I left it next to the front door, thinking I would open it later. About a 10″ cube it was light, containing only two plastic jars of Omega Fatty acids for you know who. Later, after our long walk, when I was working in the bedroom and bathrooms and sweeping off our little bedroom deck and cleaning windows, I looked over and “voila” there was Tanner in the middle of our bed with his package–not chewing or anything, just lying next to it. I can only imagine how he must have lifted it to carry it that far, but that’s a Dalmatian for you–pure enchantment!!!


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