Filling up on Tanner



Solomon's Seal

Can’t believe how much Tanner fills up my life, and the house. Back to dog hair, nose prints and that fragrant doggy odor! It’s pure bliss! Getting him accustomed to the invisible fence has not been as easy as I’d imagined, and although I know he’s glued to us, I’m still worried sick that he might bolt and get lost in the woods. But in combination with the remote collar and its similar warning signal I think we may be able to teach him to return to us pavlov style regardless of where we are–then so much more freedom for him.


At bedtime last night we put his rawhide back into his goodie bag and he promptly raced down the hall and retrieved my wallet from my handbag and brought that back to bed. It appears he knows what will make excellent chewing!!!! Such amazing energy and resourcefulness!!

In the meantime nothing gets done around here, partly because of the heat, and mostly because I can’t stand to leave him in the house alone or in his crate.  I’m getting better about this, but it may take me a good while before I can treat him like a normal dog!  So much to do and it’s all piling up.

The lettuce plants I put in when I planted the seeds are providing us with salad greens galore and one variety is more delectable than the next. I often wonder why these salad greens are more tender and delicately flavored than the store bought variety, but  the soil, sun, rain and well-water, and freshness–well, speaking of the devil!  Trying to  think of getting back out there to water, especially all of those lettuce and Nasturtium seedlings, and to finish planting a few window boxes, but wilt at the thought. Walking the dog is about all I can manage.


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