The clown in the Dalmatian!

Tanner's first ride

Over the past week, since Tanner’s arrival, he’s added to his repertoire of stunts and Dalmatian funniness every day. At first he was the most well-behaved Dalmatian in the world, slept on the dog bed on the floor and could not even be urged to nap on the couch with Roger. At night he curled up in the barrel- back chair next to our bed–a tight fit for a 70 lb dog, but refused to join us in bed. At mealtimes he hesitated over his bowl and would only eat if I stood next to him, even though he must have been starving.

He was rescued from a kill-shelter over a year ago with Heartworm and no name, and was estimated to be between 4 and 5 yrs old. Debi Smith of SW VA Dalmatian rescue allowed him to go to Joel Slaven, a trainer in St. Cloud, Fl. for the Dal Musical, which was gearing up at the time. She thought he had great training potential, good energy and the ability to focus–all so true. She also knew he would be in good hands, not in a home of his own, but well-cared for.

As he begins to blossom here, the clown in him emerges!! Beginning with leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, [over a big stuffed chair and ottoman on his way to the couch!]  to spreading himself out over the bed, froggy style after bathing us both goodnight, to carrying around the mail, especially a photocopied picture of us at the airport which he lifted off a pile of papers on the ottoman and placed on the couch next to him! He will also take a book right out of my hands and place it on the bed next to us.  And naturally he counter surfs–not a big surprise–after all he is a Dal.

Every day with a Dalmatian is entertaining and often hilarious.  He provides company beyond measure, following me everywhere,  and hasn’t been out of my sight except to wait for me in the car, where he is supremely happy, or wait in his crate until I return from swimming. Our clown, Tanner, at long last!!


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