Soothing Bee Balm


Bleeding Hearts

My miserable and painful neck is driving me crazy–and ,naturally, everything I enjoy doing irritates it, including blogging and swimming. Spent the afternoon digging, digging, digging despite the pain, putting in Bee Balm and Nepeta. No matter what position I assume the pain spreads and  intensifies. If I look down or if I look up. If I kneel or if I keep my head level. Of course in order to watch what I’m doing I have to look down!! Phooey!!!! If I could just spread out and relax like the Bee Balm!!  It’s all about tension and learning to let go of it. Oh the the contradictions of life– but that’s another matter.

Planting and transplanting Bee Balm with their citrusy scented  leaves and mounded flowers are one of my favorite past-times, and well worth the pain, but they tend to be fancy free and do like to take over a whole area. They travel on runners and spring up anywhere and everywhere. I’ve often just thought to let them be– let the whole garden be– but gardening in itself is the act of exercising the art of control–n’est pas?  Having tried to contain them I’ve found their beauty is in their natural tendency to invade a space and spread out and enjoy their surroundings. So I’ve transplanted them each year in with the lilies where they spring up naturally, and allow them to roam free in a space where they make super companion plants. This year I’ve even added  new nursery grown pots of the raspberry variety.   Salvia–Meadow Sage, I think–and Catmint also make  a pretty contrast in purple, and last long into the season after the lilies are long gone, especially if you deadhead the spent spikes. I could use a little deadheading myself!


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