Our Pileated Woodpecker



Pileated Woodpecker

I’m watching a Pileated Woodpecker about 10 yards from my pati0 door. He’s feeding deep into an old tree stump directly behind the bubbling pond. With the zoom lens I was able to capture a few shots of his head–an absolutely brilliant red. I tried sneaking up on him but he’s much too astute for me and briskly flew away. He’s an amazing creature and is more often heard than seen around here. On our long walks we don’t often see him but always hear his noisy rapping. Would be interesting to know how many males might co-habitate somewhere in the range of  a square mile area. Of course there may be many. And what their average life-span may be is not commonly mentioned in the bird books. If they live a long life, then I’ve observed this particular bird for many, many years. He’s practically a family member. And he’s back! Must be extra-sweet peckin!!  Ify shots coming soon.



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