Crabapple tree 15 years later

Digging, digging, digging, and still more digging to do. These Hosta have been around forever and are usually half-chewed and brown-edged by July. They’re boring to begin with so I’ve been planning to dig them up for years and dump them in the woods where I’m sure they’ll flourish. They are more than a foot in diameter and  just an enormous riot of roots, and I’ll bet there are 30 or more. I haven’t counted, but before this bizarre weather took hold I must have dug at least a dozen or more. With the wild wind and freezing rain for a few days I’ve been miserable and impatient and having to spend time inside pining away and forced to do some cleaning. What will be left are the more exotic and giant variety of Hosta that I ordered bare-root from White Flower Farm years ago, and which display a medley of color and, if kept well-watered, will thrive under the Peach Tree. The nearby Magnola provides an even greater spread of shade–a happy condition for these striking beauties.


Let’s hope our  Dalmatian [coming soon] does not enjoy digging the way I do, or we’ll be out there digging at odds. I remember when Piper and Fargo were young and in the landscaping business. We used to call them “Plants-R-Us.”   They were busy diggers and had in their gleeful little minds their own ideas where young trees and plants should be located–a garden layout I hadn’t considered. It is hard to forget the day I had just come in from planting a small Crabapple tree just outside the living room window, when I had come in for a drink and looked out to admire my work. The tree was gone!!  They decided it should have been planted just off the deck. They also did random pruning which especially included new perennials which had just been planted–or, were sitting in the driveway, awaiting the perfect SPOT. My other Dals never gave a thought to gardening–they would just find a nice soft bed of lilies to lie atop  for a bit of a sunbath.


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  1. Hey Paula –

    Never realized you had a blog! I’ll add it to me list of To Be Reads! Looking forward to hearing about your new spotted one.

    • It began very recently and I’m sporadic at best. Not too informative either–I started writing it to my sister. I especially love the pictures Roger takes for me. If you click twice on them they blow up and fill the screen. I love this!! Look at the picture of the Whitehouse. You can focus in on the terraces and windows….. But I look forward to yours every day. The dog pictures are so dear. I’m a fan!!

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