Grape Hyacinths and flying things




Wild Grape Hyacinths have sprung up in the oddest places. Figuring out how the slender stem atop a tiny little bulb that looks like a tiny pearl onion forms from seed is mystifying. Relocating them back to a more pleasing area is easy if they are dug deeply and the stem and bulb are left unbroken,  but what makes them move in the first place.. A similar mystery is the yellow Iris that appears behind the larger pond. Yellow Irises have never been my favorite– so isn’t it ironic that one should appear magically out of nowhere in the middle of the grass,  when the delicate purple ones I have planted in the front seem to disappear each season into nowhere, upsetting my notion of  common sense. But the whole notion of gardening and rearranging nature is a fickle one to begin with. Irises grow out of corms? I think. They are known to spread and multiply and should be easy growers when divided from time to time. What would make them move from place to place–or not bloom at all?  Add to this the appearance of flying things which seem to dive in out of nowhere. If you are not careful and breathe in at the wrong moment while out walking you might inhale one. And there’s no telling where they come from or what they are. Try to catch one and hold it,  even with your eye. This leads me to think of Borage which grew in abundance along the border of my old vegetable garden and is now gone, when it’s known to be so prolific.  I once heard a story of a patch of perennials that disappeared out of one garden and into the garden of a neighbor down the street. Is there a garden fairy out there transplanting things in the middle of the night, or is it Mother Nature just reminding us of who’s boss?  Or is it just the world moving to its own beat.



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