The sun is  brilliant and inviting and it’s drawing me outside into the chilly air–not quite 40 degrees but sun drenched. The April sun is a tease along with the intense colors of the grass, the swamp marigolds, the daffodils, and the Forsythia. A little box arrived this morning on my front porch holding 3 small bags of roots and bulbs–Dahlias, Balloon Flower and perennial Geraniums, called Johnson’s Blue, a gift from a friend in Fargo’s memory.  A perfect trigger–a glorious day, a few plants, some compost, a garden trowel and I’m off. As one thing leads to another I ended up working the soil and fertilizing a large area. The smelly milorganite is effective against the deer who delight in new Hosta shoots. They’ve already feasted on my Rhodies and Azaleas over the winter. They will be staying away this growing season. Fargo’s rabbit friend also seems to be gone. Amazing that he could be seen year round munching anywhere and everywhere with Fargo following faithfully behind. Now, there are no signs of either one, except they are nowhere and everywhere with me.

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