Losing myself in the garden


Grape Hyacinth

One garden box is gone and the other two are cleaned of old roots and debris, and the soil turned and lime and peat added. Fertilizer is next and a couple of buckets of compost to mix in. I can just taste the salad greens. Above and beyond the simple lettuce varieties I will add spicy greens the tanginess of which enlivens the appetite, stir fry greens dipped in shades of red,  and mesclun lettuces which are every shade of delicious. This and cucumber plants which overflow into the driveway and may just be our favorite food.  I have the Nasturtium seeds at the ready and will sink the starter peat pots into the ground the moment I feel I can foretell the weather. These and mixed sea shells around the pond. The Lamia, Polka Dot plants, Ajuga and Sweet Woodruff have already taken over and provide spreading color and interest even at a distance. The Forget-me-nots are just forming buds and the Soloman’s Seal is reaching skyward. The sweet little Grape Hyacinths are freshly planted where I can rejoice in them every time I come in or out……….and there’s so much brickwork yet to do. I am lost to myself and so grateful for this past-time.


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