The old Apple tree is gone, allowing more light in for a more open look, and leaving a perfectly symmetrical but empty space in the brick patio.  Now to fit  the new and old brick into the existing pattern. Working my way through the space I lift  brick after brick from the intricate edging design and stack them in piles–a little like collecting ideas– then smooth one area at a time and set in two, and repeat in the other direction, tapping the bricks into place with the end of another brick. Every so often I step back and watch the pattern emerge. Otherwise it can begin to drift ever so slightly , which is what happened the first time I set in too many bricks without stepping back. The whole patio leaning to the right.                                                                                                                                                                         This is as much an exercise of the mind as it is an exercise of the back, but the mind expands with pleasure while the back only aches. Writing as an act of emboldenment and strength building. It is a way to make sense of  and organize thoughts, a way to understand an onslaught of sensory detail. It is like taking in the world piece by piece and spitting them out with a bubble wand.

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