Every day sweetening up



A little place for writing, and planting violas for Holly. So much the sweeter for expanding pleasures. Lots of green buds now opening like fists to the lengthening light and warming temperatures, everything looking up, everything heightened by anticipation.  The Peonies stalks have broken through, and also the Soloman’s Seal, a finger-like package filled with leaves and tiny white lily-like buds soon to blossom.. There are two pots of succulents to plant, and a pot of Coral Bells. Without thinking, I picked up the Coral Bells, ladened  with irresistibly multi-colored leaves, pinks and silvers and greens and even shades of peach for which the plant is well-known,  as it provides a full season of color, the dainty, pink flowers topping slender stems appearing in the midst of summer like trinkets. They say to plant in groupings or masses of color and to always plant three at a time. This is a low and wide plant that promises to spread out so I’m I’m ruminating over this. I always entertain and consider good advice but often fail to take it.



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