Look before you leap




Sadie at the farm

The other day my little sweetie and I walked up the driveway with Eija and the stroller. As we passed the first puddle I turned to see if she would notice it or walk on by. Dressed in a hot pink skirt, multi-pink striped tights, a pastel striped sweater,  a very long ,softly striped washed blue scarf wrapped three times around her neck, and brown leather shoes topped with Pale pink and yellow leather flower appliques, and setting out on a warm spring afternoon to explore the world with her particular and confident little saunter, the puddle brought her to an abrupt and purposeful stop. Her face glowing widely with mischief and glee, she bent down and collected and dropped pebble after pebble, stopping only to brighten and look my way. Irresistible. The ping of pebbles breaking the surface. The stamping shoe. Splash, splash, splash, stamp, stamp, stamp. The beauty is in the detail. Soaking up detail. Which brings me back to the garden. Look with the eye of a child. Soak it all up.  And look and look and look.



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