Little bitty buds on so many branches today, not a haze of green yet, but touched by the sun, like the Lilac buds, filling from within with bits of glowing purple still hidden inside. Scilla leaves have poked through, though I was hoping they had multiplied magically while resting. These are a surprise to me every year and such a delight to discover. When they are fully open I will capture a close-up shot to include  in this post. Hard to see but coming to life are the bloodroot which begin as olive/brown stalks and flower all at once into white daisy shaped blossoms. I transplanted these from a swamp on a back road in Alford near a river fork. The roots are red and so the name. I dug these up and dumped them in a box and carted them home almost every day for several weeks because I just couldn’t get my fill. I planted many of them out and about our stream close to the road and many more around a tree stump where I can see them from the kitchen window.                                                                                                                                                         Focusing on the new growth and buds are inspiring, especially with Easter around the corner. A friend on Facebook posted pictures yesterday of her family’s grave sites, all in an ancient and wondrous looking church yard that she visited on Thursday, as she does every year with pots of blooming bulbs that reappear each spring.  They are sweet beyond measure. I wonder now how my parent’s and grandmother’s grave site looks and wish I might magically  kneel there and dig in a few scilla or tiny crocuses.                                                                                                                                                                        I miss them, and in turn think about all I have lost, including so many dogs, so in a swell of sadness yesterday I responded to a fellow Dalmatian person’s request for a set of scent articles for her obedience pals on Show-Dals. I UPS’d them to her in NC so she might carry forward Zoe’s memory. It’s a warming consolation that our beloved  companions will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved them, and in the connections we have made with others because of them.

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