Music to my ears


Tanner in the middle

Imagine having a dog from the 101 Dalmatian Musical–a dog who pushes a lawn mower across the stage in front of Cruella’s house–a stunt dog. That is a very colorful dog named Tanner. He will be returning to the rescue organization in Virginia in a few weeks, when the musical finishes production in New York at Madison Square Garden over the April holiday.  Most of the dogs will be returned to their breeders but the rescue dogs will go to either Second Chances or Southwest Virginia rescue. A few of the dogs will be returning to Colorado with the trainer. The details are in the making, and I would feel better just knowing how these dogs will be separated from their pals and trainers and comfortable digs. Thinking about this makes me sad. The transition should be a smooth one and it makes me want to go to New York and see the trainers and the dog and get a feel for exactly how we should be managing his care, should we decide to adopt him. Thinking this through on paper gives me all sorts of ideas–ideas that need to be sorted through, and interrupt and interfere with the immediate and simple pleasures of pure anticipation. If there’s music in the air,  why can’t I just sway to the rhythm and let it go at that?

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