Let downs

The “what ifs” are fun to entertain and toss around but facing the disappointments can be a major let down. Not that I expected that the cutest most perfect dog would arrive on our doorstep without effort, but this is what I was hoping for, of course. And “Why not?” I ask you.  And why am I feeling so fussy and uncertain of just how fussy I should be? I look at the pictures of the “101 Dalmatian Musical” dogs and I find myself  assessing their markings, their head structure, their sizes and on and on. This is not what I want to do and I try with all my might to be open. Then when one looks like a mix I decide that that’s the one I like best–that’s the cutest. Funny that we should agree on anything [we usually don’t] but both of us are leaning toward and picking a dog that is only part Dal, patched with white areas filled with ticking. Also certain realities are setting in. Am I willing to live with the anxiety of a male who might form a stone and block at some point. Are patches less likely to block? Fussiness is just a part of my nature, I guess, and I’m hardly going to change the way my mind operates on certain matters. Working this through is an important step in making a choice.


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