Learning to swim



While keeping an eye on Oliver at the pool on Monday, I watched Katie give swim lessons to two adults in her new swim class. She’s working individually with swimmers on whatever goals they have set for themselves. Katie was working with one woman on her kicking technique and showed her how to practice kicking while in “dead man’s float” position,  cruising on her back while grasping a kick board to her chest. I tried these two techniques while swimming yesterday and was amazed at how much better I felt doing the crawl with a more rhythmic kicking motion, after practicing kicking alone and then adding arms. Then I worked on kicking alone while on my back in more of a sitting position with my head well out of the water. It felt so much more effective to me than while flat on my back, which is what I’ve been doing. She’s offered to assimilate Sam and I into the class on Mondays after Sadie’s lesson, or have us do alternate drop-ins when we’re able,  so one of us is able to watch the kids while the other swims. Boredom is a problem with swimming laps and learning new technique and new positions and strokes adds to the fun and pleasures of water play as therapeutic and strength building. My greatest weakness, I think, is coordinating a good strong rhythmic kick with my reaching arms. I don’t have a lot of endurance, and if my body would just do what I wish it to do, I would be content beyond measure. Now, if I just had a couple of fins!


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