Nasturtiums and creeping Geraniums


Flowering Crabapples last spring

Nasturtium seeds should not be started inside, or so the directions advise. But I’m wondering if the seed starters can be sunk into the ground and decompose as the roots system develops and the season wears on. That way I might have plants for late May already about to bloom as opposed to buying them or starting them from seed. Aren’t the young plants greenhouse grown for transplant? Guess I’ll try it; what do I have to lose except a few seeds. On the other hand, Geraniums are more difficult and I’ll have to spring for a few well-established plants at Ward’s later in the season. The perennials are my favorite and have a lovely scent. I’ve transplanted a couple to the pond edge but last summer I had to cover them as something was making a tasty meal of the flower buds. And the  annual Geranium flowers buds began to disappear around the same time. How maddening!!


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