Light and warmth

What a sudden switch to spring. I don’t remember this much warmth in mid-march before. There’s a chickadee building a nest in the tiny little wren house next to the pond. It’s surprising that she fits through the entrance hole, but she’s flying back and forth, and in and out , collecting twigs and bits of debris and bringing them to her little hideaway. I continue to add water to the pond and yesterday I uncovered it to find two living, hibernating fish floating in the bottom. They look colorful and healthy. There should be a third but he may be hiding under one of the rock kedges. I don’t see any fish bodies anywhere………a great relief.  And to think, they haven’t eaten since October!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The raking and clean-up work is overwhelming, but one area at a time and I can manage it. The front area next to the deck where the snow drops are blooming and the brick planter with spreading succulents perking up and returning to life are next. Their dainty, exquisitely delicate blooms will follow.  Nasturtiums seeds for planting around the main pond, which I may start soon inside. And a great deal of pruning to do.

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