Who can resist this little twosome


Who can resist this little twosome

I’ve decided I would  just like to have him back.  He filled up my days and gave me something to look forward to. As I made my late afternoon coffee, for instance, I prepared his meal, and he knew both things were happening at the same time. He followed me. He watched me, with complete confidence that I would take care of him first. It’s fun to watch and see what might happen next.  Now, I fill up the little basket and look around. He was so much my pal, “let’s take a walk now,”  “let’s have a snack and rest awhile.”   Now I fill my time with as much as I can possibly think to do, trying not to notice what has been left behind. I miss him………..This in concert with everything Sadie and baby. I have immersed myself in family, given myself over entirely to “Sadieness” and “baby magic.” There is a measure of peace and consolation in this, a comforting sense of grounding. Life is such a network of entanglements. When a strand gets broken it is the strength of others that heals the connection.  I am so lucky to have so many others.  It is just a matter of embracing them.



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