Adding water to the pond



Wash DC at Christmas

It’s in the teens, the temp having risen from the single digits over the weekend, and I’m already thinking of how to add fresh warm water to the pond. Making lists of my favorite tiny little leafy and flowering plants yesterday got me to thinking about what I could be doing now to live “in” the process of every moment moving towards more sun and warmth. Just making  gardening notes in my journal filled me with anticipation for longer days. And I began to think of Snow Drops and Scilla  pushing up, and the little tiny  purple Hyacinths I so love. Accidently, or should I say inadvertently, I have planted so many ground creepers and bulbs and low growing perennials and annuals that have taken over the areas on the side and front of the house and have flourished, that I begin to realize just how perfect they are and how much I love them. So many of these little beauties are so ephemeral, and others so hardy, thriving well into winter. So, in this spirit, I’ll haul bucketsful of warm water to the little pond and make wishes.


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