Picture perfect winter garden/Snow Blossoms


In front of the Phillips Gallery

Two inches of light feathery snow are sticking to everything. The Crabapple branches, the sedum flower heads, the pond surfaces and rock borders, even the archway and lattices and climbing vines are decorated with winter. Snow blossoms are attached to each holly leaf.  At the Corcoran Museum in Wash. DC  over Christmas Wendy and I were trying to describe the concept of grace to Bonnie and Laura. This is a concept worthy of exploration. We have been “graced” with gracefulness!! Think of it, snow blossoms!  Wish I had some pictures. The Botanical Gardens are equally magical. This is where a concept turns to pure feeling and sensation. This place is ladenfull of grace.!!! Here we are in front of the Phillip’s Gallery where we saw  Renoir’s Boating Party up close. Now this is innergrace at its most wonderous!!!!



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